Bayonet at Puppy Creek Golf Course

April 21, 2019–(56 Players)
Next Tournament–Diamond Back Golf Course

1st Place–(52)–Gareth Williamson    Lewis Sauls    J.C. Wiggins     Bob Latham

1st Place–(52)–Sammy Stanley    Sandy Holland    John Blake     Rob Conway

3rd Place–(53)–Mike Waddell    Joey Gore     Ray Crabtree       Dennie Pait

4th Place–(54)–Edwin Skipper  Terry Strickland  Charles Hungerford  Doug Palmer

4th Place–(54)–Rudy Pait     C.P. Lewis     Livingston Lewis       Emery White

Land O Lakes Golf Course

May 14, 2019–(74 Players)
Next tournament–Bayonet at Puppy Creek Golf Course

1st Place–(50)–Don Salsbery    Danny Wiggins   Johnny Wallace    Mitch Nance

1st Place–(50)–Larry Suggs    David Medlin    George Cochran     Bob Cox

3rd Place–(52)–Sammy Stanley    Jimmy Jones    Rudy Pait    John Blake

3rd Place–(52)–Rob Conway   Terry Strickland    Jimmy Cook    Gordan Kinlaw

5th Place–(53)–Kenny Stanley   Mickey Brisson   Banky Blackwell   Greg Ruark

5th Place–(53)–James Hammond   Joe Canady   Jim Tori    Charles Hungerford

5th Place–(53)–Mike Waddell    Emery White    Bob Latham    Ray Crabtree

5th Place–(53)–L.R. Odham     Lenon Fisher      David Kinlaw

Gates Four Country Club

April 7, 2019–(52 Players)
Next Tournament–Land O Lakes Golf Course

1st Place–(58)–Frank Gray   Gareth Williamson   Stan Matthews   Willard Storms

2nd Place–(59)–Mike Waddell     Rob Conway    Danny Wiggins     John Blake

3rd Place–(60)–Stacy Owen   Terry Strickland    Timmy Thompson    Joe Jackson

3rd Place–(60)–Kenny Stanley     Billy Malpass     Bob Latham     Ray Crabtree

3rd Place–(60)–Randy Williamson    Keith Long    Terry Carlisle     Doug Palmer

3rd Place–(60)–L.R. Odham     Rudy Pait     Joe Canady     Charles Hungerford

Stryker Golf Course

April 30, 2019–(52 Player)
Next Tournament–Gates Four Country Club

1st Place–(55)–Rick Daniel    Terry Strickland    Charles Bridger    Jimmy Cook

1st Place–(55)–Richard Davis   Sandy Holland   Timmy Thompson  Willard Storms

3rd Place–(56)–Kenny Stanley     Wilber Simmons     Bobby Gooden

4th Place–(57)–Mike Waddell     Keith Long     Lenon Fisher     Bill Small

4th Place–(57)–Mac Porter    Edwin Skipper     John D. Elliott     John Blake

6th Place–(58)–Jimmy Jones     George Cochran     Larry Mitchell     Bob Latham

Deercroft Country Club

April 23, 2019  (60 Players)
Next Tournament — Stryker Golf Course

1st Place–(55)–Sandy Holland    Mickey Brisson  Joe Canady   Charles Hungerford

2nd Place–(57)–John McGougan    Lewis Sauls    Charles Bridger    Ray Crabtree

3rd Place–(58)–Kenny Stanley     Timmy Thompson     Danny Davis

3rd Place–(58)–Randy Williamson  Oliver Carter Terry Strickland  Jerry Willoughby

5th Place–(59)–Jimmy Jones    Danny Wiggins     J.C. Wiggins     Bobby Gooden

5th Place–(59)–Jack Thompson   Sammy Stanley   James Hammond   Jack Taylor

5th Place–(59)–Emery White    George Cochran    Johnny Wallace     Bob Latham

Vineyard Golf Course

April 16, 2019  (64 Players)
Next Tournament–DeerCroft Country Club

1st Place–(53)–Jimmy Jones    Mickey Brisson    Joe Canady    Terry Miller

2nd Place–(56)–C.L. Gore    Sammy Stanley    Sandy Holland     Charlie Kiese

3rd Place–(57)–Frank Gray    Larry Suggs     Billy Malpass      John Blake

3rd Place–(57)–Stacy Owen     Rob Conway      Joe Jackson      Greg Ruark

5th Place–(58)–Jeff Campbell    Elmer Tessenear   Ray Crabtree    Dennie Pait

5th Place–(58)–Lenon Fisher    Terry Strickland    Lewis Sauls    Willard Storms

5th Place–(58)–Fred Atkinson    Gary Bass    Jerry Willoughby     Bob Latham

Land O Lakes Golf Course

April 9, 2019–(60 Players)
Next Tournament–Vineyard Golf Course

First Flight–
1st Place–(52)–Kenny Stanley and Rob Conway
2nd Place–(46)–Emery White and J. D. Elliott
3rd Place–(45)–Ronnie Tart and Fred Atkinson

Second Flight–
1st Place–(40)–L.R. Odham and Mike Waddell
2nd Place–(40)–Larry Mitchell and Jerry Willoughby
3rd Place–(38)–Randy Williamson and Keith Long

Third Flight–
1st Place–(31)–Bob Latham and Ken Britt
2nd Place–(30)–Timmy Thompson and Livingston Lewis 
3rd Place–(30)–Jimmy Cook and Bobby Gooden

Scotch Meadows Country Club

March 26, 2019  (45 Players)
Next Tournament–Cheraw State Park Golf Course

1st Place–(56)–Rudy Pait     David Medlin    Joe Canady     Jerry Willoughby

2nd Place–(57)–Mike Waddell    George Cochran    Larry Mitchell    Ray Crabtree

2nd Place–(57)–Rob Conway    Mickey Brisson     Emery White     John Blake

2nd Place–(57)–Larry Suggs    Fred Atkinson    Timmy Thompson     Ken Britt

5th Place–(58)–Edwin Skipper    Billy Malpass    Stan Matthews    Bobby Gooden

6th Place–(60)–John McGougan   Danny Wiggins   Livingston Lewis   Doug Palmer

Cypress Lakes Golf Course

March 19, 2019  (49 Players)
Next Tournament–Scotch Meadows Golf Course

1st Place–(54)–Gordan Graham     Sandy Holland     John Blake

2nd Place–(55)–Gareth Williamson     L.R. Odham    Bob Latham     Elvin Meares

3rd Place–(57)–Edwin Skipper     Keith Long      Larry Mitchell        Jack Taylor  

3rd Place–(57)–Jimmy Jones     George Cochran       Joe Jackson  

5th Place–(58)–Emery White     Lenon Fisher      Charles Bridger

6th Place–(59)–Randy Williamson   Danny Wiggins  Johnny Wallace  Roger Canady

6th Place–(59)–Stacy Owen   Mickey   Brisson    Livingston Lewis    David Kinlaw

Timberlake Golf Course

March 12, 2019–64 Players
Next Tournament–Cypress Lakes Golf Course

1st Place(50)–Ronnie Tart      Bob Latham    Dave Randall      Rob Conway

2nd Place(53)–Gareth Williamson    Joe Canady    Larry Mitchell    Joe Jackson

3rd Place(55)–Frank Gray    David Medlin    Timmy Thompson     Elvin Meares

4th Place(56)–Mickey Brisson    Charles Bridger    Bradley Butler     Mark Dixon

4th Place(56)–Rudy Pait    Lenon Fisher    Dennie Pait     Bobby Gooden

4th Place(56)–Mike Waddell    Don Salsbery     Fred Atkinson     John Blake