SFGA Tournaments

Due to the potential problems and possible health issues for our members, we have decided to stop all future tournaments, until we feel it is safe for us to continue. This is in effect starting March 17th at Pinecrest Country Club. Please keep checking our website for the date when we will resume playing. When play does resume, it will be necessary for anyone wishing to play that week to call and register. Check your schedule for the site we will be playing on that date.

Timberlake Golf Course

March10, 2020–(58 Players)
Next Tournament–Pinecrest Country Club

1st Place–(50)–Ronnie Tart Lenon Fisher Stan Matthews Jerry Willoughby

2nd Place–(51)–Rob Conway Johnny Wallace John Blake

3rd Place–(54)–Billy McGovack Sandy Holland Wilton Wiggins Bobby Gooden

3rd Place–(54)–Mac Porter Livingston Lewis Timmy Thompson Roger Canady

5th Place–(55)–John McGougan Fred Atkinson Steven Lennon Robert Walton

5th Place–(55)–Joey Gore Lewis Sauls Jeff Smith Doug Palmer

5th Place–(55)–Kenny Stanley Jimmy Jones Kenneth Britt Greg Ruark

5th Place–(55)–Rudy Pait L.R. Odham J.C. Wiggins Elvin Meares

Land O Lakes Golf Course

March 3, 2020 (62 Players)
Next tournament–Timberlake Golf Course

1st Place–(61)–Joey Todd Edwin Skipper Charles Hungerford Bob Cox

1st Place–(61)–Stacy Owen Rudy Pait Bobby Gooden Elvin Meares

1st Place–(61)–Billy McGovack L. Mitchell John Wallace Mitch Nance

1st Place–(61)–G. Williamson L.R. Odham Bob Latham John Blake

5th Place–(62)–K. Stanley David Medlin Livingston Lewis Jack Taylor

6th Place–(63)–Jimmy Jones Kenneth Britt Charles Bridger